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16 7 2019
BOLD Cities design session sparks three new interdisciplinary research projects
This May, the Centre for BOLD Cities invited researchers from the LDE universities to develop new research projects related to the Centre’s three research themes. The forthcoming research teams are about to start their collaboration: "We really have the opportunity to build a research area together".
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Data walk instruction video
We conduct our data walks in the context of research about citizen engagement in smart cities and urban big data. Are you interested in setting up a data walk? We are always willing to help out, but in many cases, it is just as easy to organise a data walk yourself. Using our instruction video and you can go on a walk whenever and with whomever you want. Read more...

(video in Dutch) 



Marike Knoef (Professor of Empirical Micro-Economics at Leiden University) at Science Café The Hague about big data
How can huge data sets help citizens find a job? Could you say when something is right for a majority of the population, that it is right for all? The past edition of Science Café The Hague focused on themes regarding big data. Marike Knoef talked about what the use of big data could mean for society.
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Beyond Smart Cities Today
On 18 and 19 September the Centre for BOLD Cities is co-hosting a two-day expert symposium, which aims to provide the time and space to reflect and act upon questions concerning smart cities. Read more... 
Studio Erasmus: (For whom) Is Rotterdam a smart city?
Our colleague Jiska Engelbert was a guest at Studio Erasmus on 30 April. She has given a mini-lecture about Rotterdam's need to be a smart city. (For whom) Is Rotterdam a smart city? Who exactly benefits from all that technology, big data and artificial intelligence? 

(video in Dutch) 
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