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7 11 2019
Picture by Eric Fecken

The first copy handed to Vincent Roozen, municipal secretary Gemeente Rotterdam, by Liesbet van Zoonen
Picture by Eric Fecken

'Jouw buurt, jouw data' team releases publication

After a year of research, design and activities, the team behind the Centre for BOLD Cities' research game Jouw buurt, jouw data officially released its first publication. The first offical copy of this publication was handed to Vincent Roozen, municipal secretary Gemeente Rotterdam by Liesbet van Zoonen at the Rotterdam Knowledge Festival. In the publication, core team members Liesbet van Zoonen, Emiel Rijshouwer, Els Leclercq and Luuk Schokker, along with Fadi Hirzalla and Sarah Giest, explain how the research game came about and what the team learned about Dutch citizens' knowledge and behaviour in/about the smart city,  and explore how municipalities can make use of these findings.

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Working towards a BOLD Cities education: Leiden-Delft-Erasmus minor Smart Cities
Although many of our activities entail educational purposes, and our team members and affiliates have delivered a number of (guest) lectures on BOLD Cities themes in recent years, the Centre for BOLD Cities does not yet have a fixed place in the Leiden, Delft and Erasmus student curricula. This is set to change as the BOLD Cities team is preparing a minor programme on smart cities.
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The urban disasters project team: Disaster management through official and social media
Following contacts with representatives of the Digital City project in Rotterdam and of the Fire Department Rotterdam-Rijnmond, the urban disasters project team (Monique Arkesteijn, Peter Scholten and Jan Rellermeyer together with Sobhan Omranian Khorasani and Rebecca Moody) has been developing the foundations of a data-driven approach to fire safety. In this approach, up-to-date information on any building affected by fire and its actual or projected users, including egress routes and times, can become available at city level to the authorities and emergency services in a way that facilitates not only overview and management of the problems but also particular rescue actions of emergency workers.
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A good start to data projects: Centre for BOLD Cities creates practical instructions for municipalities
Proper data analysis can be incredibly valuable for municipalities, allowing substantial policy changes in better alignment with evidence from day-to-day practice. In order to help (Dutch) municipalities figure out how to start a data project (if at all), the Centre for BOLD Cities - in close collaboration with knowledge and network organisation Platform31 - created step-by-step guidelines.
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Renowned scholars share their vision at BOLD Cities ‘Beyond Smart Cities Today’ conference

On 18 and 19 September, scientists, civil servants, publicists and designers gathered at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam for Beyond Smart Cities Today, a two-day conference on the premises and implications of smart city developments. Among the guests were distinguished experts in the field, such as Professor Rob Kitchin (Maynooth University)Professor Ayona Datta (University College London) and Bianca Wylie (Tech Reset Canada), who each delivered one of the keynote speeches. 

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